SALARY : R308 154 per annum
CENTRE : Mokolo Pump Station
CLOSING DATE : 03 June 2024

REQUIREMENTS : A Senior / Grade 12 certificate. Security Grade B Certificate (Newly issued
PSIRA registration, annotate registration on CV). Three (3) to (5) 5 years
supervisory trip in a safety environment. A legitimate three Firearms (. A valid
SAPS Firearm competency certificates for Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol). The
disclosure of a legitimate unexpired driver’s licence. Strategic and operational plan
on protection management. Policy implementation. Knowledge of prescribed
security law e.g. MISS, Protection of Information Act, etc. Knowledge of
emergency procedures. Knowledge in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).
Riot manage and first useful resource competencies. Monitoring and contrast principles.
Research tactics and strategies on safety issues. Good communication
and listening skills. Interpersonal, and management skills. Accountability and
ethical conduct. Investigation, and problem-solving skills.

DUTIES : Align and enforce safety insurance policies and regulations. Ensure firearm
regulation is carried out accordingly. Coordination of education on firearms as
to make sure competency. Implement emergency contingency and procedures.
Conduct website online inspections on respectable house and offices. Safeguard
Departmental assets. Conduct safety awareness. Manage the whole physical
security at the region places of work and National Key Point (NKP). Ensure the safe
custody and safety of officials, belongings and records via the
implementation and adherence to the MISS/MPSS. Maintain and implement
physical protection measures to limit risks. Monitor and check out security
control registers. Inspections of all installations of all structures and advise
management of all risks. Investigate all incidents that have took place in the
offices and liaise with applicable stakeholders. Develop and put into effect the
contingency and disaster healing design in phrases of the applicable legislation.
Liaise with State Security Agency (SSA), South African Police Services
(SAPS), different protection corporations and DWS National Security Manager. Manage
private safety provider provider’s contracts. Provide operational and
administrative help about safety activities, forums, trainings, vetting,
risk assessments and safety reports. Manage and consider body of workers performance
on an on-going basis. Conduct investigations the place necessary.


ENQUIRIES : Mr MJ Kgwaswane at (087) 943 3702

APPLICATIONS : Mokolo Pump Station the region Manager: Please ahead your application quoting the applicable reference quantity to the Department of Water and
Sanitation, P/Bag X352, Hartbeespoort,0216 or hand supply to the Dept of Water and Sanitation, Old Rustenburg Road, eight Forrel street, Hartbeespoort,0216.