SALARY : R216 417 per annum (Level 05)
CENTRE : Pretoria
CLOSING DATE : 03 June 2024

REQUIREMENTS : A Senior / Grade 12 certificate. One (1) to three (3) years administration
experience ideally in a technical surroundings will be an delivered advantage.
Knowledge of PFMA, Treasury Regulations, and applicable public service
administration. Proof of Computer literacy. Good interpersonal and organizing
skills, and conversation competencies each verbal and written. Strong experience of
responsibility and capacity to work independently and in a team. The disclosure
of a legitimate unexpired driver’s licence.

DUTIES : Arrange, flow into notices of, and take minutes of technical meetings. Assist in
the typing up and compiling of required technical reports. Assist in the
compiling and monitoring of Maintenance Plans – each Opex and Capex funded.
Arrange journey and lodging bookings for technical aid personnel.
Complete procurement documentation for equipment, fixtures and different items
for Technical Support personnel. Prepare, replace and archive archives /
documents. To fulfil different duties associated to associated to Technical Support Section
as and when required.

ENQUIRIES : Sayed A Tel No: (012) 741 7307

APPLICATIONS : Central Operations (Pretoria): Please ahead your application quoting the
relevant reference wide variety to the Department of Water and Sanitation, Private
Bag X 273, Pretoria, 0001 or hand supply at Praetor Forum Building, 1st Floor
Reception, 267 Lillian Ngoyi Street, Pretoria, 0001