SALARY : R171 537 per annum
CENTRE : Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital
CLOSING DATE : 10 May 2024

REQUIREMENTS : Minimum academic qualification: General Education and Training Certificate
(GETC)/Grade 9 (Std7). Experience: Appropriate cleaner/housekeeping
service experience. Inherent requirement of the job: Shift work, weekends,
public vacation trips and in different departments. Competencies (knowledge/skills):
Supervisory competencies and most advantageous utilisation of sub-ordinates. Ability to perform
routine structured tasks. Ability to adhere to protection standards.

DUTIES : Maintain a excessive general of cleanliness and hygiene inside the hospital.
Supervisory and overall performance administration of housekeeping team.
Responsible for the provision and serving of foods and drinks to patients
and parents. Responsible for superb communication, universal manage and
organising of housekeeping duties in a Health Facility. Effective utilisation of
resources (physical and financial). Handle and eliminate home and medical
waste. Control and problem linen inventory as required. Application of the disciplinary
procedures and combat resolutions. Assist in performing ad-hoc obligations within
the hospital.

ENQUIRIES : Ms S Cupido Tel No: (021) 658-5452

APPLICATIONS : The Chief Executive Officer: Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital,
Private Bag X5, Rondebosch, 7700.


NOTE : No price of any sort is required when making use of for this post.

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